The Self Taught Cook

Hi!  Welcome.  My name is Kenzie Brannon and I want you to go on a cooking journey with me.   Have you ever wanted to cook delicious, completely homemade versions of your favorite meals but have no clue where to start?  Sure, they look delicious but it can be intimidating and down right scary.

That is where I come in.  I am a every day Southern woman who is a self taught cook.  I didn’t go to culinary school nor did I grow up learning how to cook.  I fell in love with it in my early twenties.  I watched Food Network and experimented.  I burned things.  I looked into a pot and felt the sheer anguish of a dish that looked more like dog food than anything else.  I asked the desperate question of why is this not working?  I bravely made my own recipes and re made old ones.   I did all the leg work until I achieved perfection, or at least as close as I could get.  I stood in my kitchen as my family eagerly awaited meals and said “I am in love.  This is my purpose; to bring joy through food.”

I will not claim to be the best cook in the world nor to have all the answers.  I want to teach people that you can make homemade food.  Yes you can cook amazing rewarding meals.  You can own your kitchen and you can be proud of the food your putting on the table.  Everything I show you in this blog contains ingredients that can be found at any grocery store at an affordable price.  You can do this.  I know this because I did.

Let’s take these everyday recipes up a notch and begin your love story with cooking.